Marijuana Can Lead To Fatalities

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In response to the letter from Rev. Dr. Eric Hafner, published in your Jan. 13 edition, please do your homework. Rev. Dr. Hafner stated, “We should legalize cannabis like coffee, because no one has ever died from pot.”

Just a quick Google search of “marijuana related deaths” yielded a number of links. To quote just a few:

“A new study of marijuana drug use in Colorado found increases in marijuana-related traffic deaths, hospital visits, school suspensions, lab explosions, and pet poisonings. The study was conducted by a federal government program.

“The 166-page report released this month analyzed the effects of legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use in Colorado spanning the time period from 2006 to the present. Along with the state of Washington, Colorado is considered as something of laboratory in which the effects of legalizing marijuana use can be studied.

“The study showed that the number of drivers testing positive for marijuana increased 100 percent from 2007 to 2012, with marijuana-related fatalities doubling from 37 to 78. Traffic fatalities total around 500 a year in the state.”  ( reported the following in 2014: “DENVER – This week, two Denver deaths were linked to marijuana use, and while some details of the deaths have yet to emerge, they are the first ones on record to be associated with a once-illegal drug that Colorado voters legalized for recreational use, as of January 1, 2014.”

So, while possibly no one has ever died of a marijuana overdose, it is extremely erroneous and even more – dangerous – to say that no one has ever died from pot.

Rev. Dr. Hafner, please, do your homework.

Ruth Schmidt


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