MacArthur’s Gun Votes Not Bipartisan

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I am writing in response to Congressman Tom MacArthur’s self-serving article “Bipartisan Steps Taken to Curb Gun Violence” published April 14.

MacArthur advocates for more research on gun violence, but in February he wanted the research to focus on Hollywood and video games as part of a study of the “moral and spiritual decay in our society.” He doesn’t want to do anything to eliminate assault rifle-style killing machines, but he wants armed guards in schools. He advocates for strengthening background checks, but he voted to loosen restrictions on gun availability for the mentally ill. MacArthur was the architect of the concealed carry reciprocity bill, which endangers his constituents and which no law enforcement agency in the state endorsed. This bill was far from bi-partisan.

In fact, he hasn’t endorsed any gun safety proposals from the other side of the aisle. Its’ time MacArthur drop the false image of bipartisanship.


Kevin Kennedy


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