MacArthur’s Foreign Policy Questioned

Congressman Tom MacArthur (File Photo)

I didn’t think Congressman Tom MacArthur could inspire this much outrage in me again. Really he wore me down with months of fighting for my life while he tried to take my healthcare away. I eventually stopped taking it personally realizing he is trying to kill everyone with all his policies (guns, taxes, disability rights, and his 94% backing of an administration whose EPA is set on poisoning us…)

But, now I’m triggered again! I’m a conservative Jewish constituent who has lived in Israel and I recognize we can have different views. I have appreciated not having the threat of a nuclear Iran the past few years. My problem is with his Orwellian presentation of his delusions that supporting a 2-state solution and the multi-national Iran nuclear deal is not mainstream. MacArthur pretends to question Andy Kim’s Israel position (fairly obvious if J Street endorsed him, duh!), but won’t take questions from the constituents he is supposedly serving!

Just like he was left with skidmarks on him as the last man standing trying to defend the tax bill, in the days following this attack the far right group AIPAC, that MacArthur thinks is acceptable, moved towards the center in accepting a 2-state solution in an attempt to regain some of their lost supporters.

Why does MacArthur want a nuclear Iran? MacArthur supports Trump, Trump supports Russia, Russia supports Iran. MacArthur will always pick the policy that kills people. Why else could MacArthur want a nuclear Iran?

Gail Cohn
Toms River


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