MacArthur’s Flood Insurance Statement A Farce

Congressman MacArthur meets with protesters after the broadcast. (Photo courtesy of Tom MacArthur's Twitter Page)

After slogging through all his “I” claims and self-congratulatory rhetoric, readers were not told that he (and the rest of the worst Congress in history) allowed the program to expire on December 22nd.

That came on the heels of similar MacArthur propaganda about 2017’s other “reform” fiascoes: the tax-us-more-so-millionaires-pay-less reform and the failed repeal-healthcare-without-replacing-it reform.

Unless this publication wants to be the Fox News of the Jersey Shore, you have to stop printing such one-sided political baloney.

MacArthur is running for re-election in 2018, so the Times should not give him free publicity, especially when he tries to mislead your readers. He’s a millionaire, and the president recently attended his fund-raiser in North Jersey, so MacArthur certainly can afford to pay for newspaper ads to present his propaganda.

Please don’t insult the intelligence of your readers by aiding and abetting one candidate for the next 11 months at the expense of objective, factual journalism.

Sue DiNimiano
Brick, NJ

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