OPINION: Church’s Child Abuse Is Business As Usual

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On Aug. 15, the Press published (again), another clergy sexual child abuse story. Should anyone be shocked or surprised?

“Child abuse” is really a pathetic euphemism for what has been going on in the Roman Catholic Church for decades, and still is! We’re talking about the systematic rape and molesting of thousands of children by Catholic priests, and the churches’ complicity in covering up and protecting the child-rapists among us.

Just this month alone, a Pennsylvania grand jury report asserted that church leaders protected hundreds of accused priests at the expense of more than 1,000 abuse victims. The Archdiocese of Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Spokane, San Diego, to name just a few, all have paid out millions of dollars to victims of its own church.

What has been taking place in the church is not an aberration or an anomaly, or the result of a few rogue priests as some church apologists contend. The truth is, it has been “open-season” on children in the Catholic church for centuries.

As for pedophile priests and the Catholic Church that covers up and protect them, I humbly apologize for my inability to pay them both the proper disrespect they deserve!


Borden Applegate


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