Lacey Students Received Good Gun Training

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Eytan Weber wrote a letter to you which you published in the June 9 edition of the Southern Ocean Times. The safety class that was described sounded pretty good to me, handing a pistol to a young student can take away the curiosity that often leads to a bad incident. The safety officer was obviously trying to overcome the fear that we all experience when we pick up a firearm for the first time. Teaching students how a firearm works is necessary if one wants to safely check that a gun is not loaded.

The statistics on gunshot deaths are skewed. The idea that he can collect guns from everyone he can talk to is a bad idea. We cannot get guns out of the hands of the bad guys by a voluntary collection.

With due respect to the Rutgers School of Nursing, I am sure that the gun safety class covered proper gun storage; it is such an important subject. The fact that students may handle guns when no adults are present cries out for teaching everyone that guns are not toys and must be handled carefully and safely.

Weber is uninformed and misguided. He cannot eliminate all guns and his blindfolded approach to keeping kids safe from guns is dangerous, ignorant, wrong, and useless. A poor approach when “children’s lives are on the line.”

Thank you for your attention on this controversial and important subject.


Anthony Finn


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