Kim’s “Weaknesses” Are Really Strengths

Congressman Tom MacArthur (File Photo)

Is Rep. Tom MacArthur looking to retire? I hope the answer is yes (for many reasons) because otherwise it is just plain scary how inept his campaign has been. In the past week they’ve sent out multiple attacks on his opponent that have only served to highlight his larger deficiencies in those areas.

First, in his continued efforts to make it seem that Mr. Andy Kim is an “outsider,” he brought up a property tax mistake (that Mr. Kim had corrected before anyone knew of it). Thank you Congressman for the reminder that while Mr. Kim did not live in district for the past few years he was working as a public servant serving in Afghanistan and DC. The contrast between Mr. Kim returning home to run and MacArthur’s having shopped for a district a few years back is a win for Kim.

Now, he takes issue with Mr. Kim’s pledge not to accept corporate PAC money. MacArthur and his campaign claim that in accepting money from Democratic PACs that have corporate contributors, Kim has broken that pledge, but those indirect contributions (about 2 percent of his total campaign funds) do not buy influence. Again, this highlights that over half of MacArthur’s contributions have come from PACs and his votes highlight that he serves someone other than his constituents.  Thank you again Congressman for detailing these differences that are a win for Kim.

Good luck in your retirement.

Gail Cohn
Toms River


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