Keep The Freeholder Name

Former Toms River Mayor Paul Brush was also a former Freeholder. (Photo courtesy Paul Brush)

I’d like to comment on Jennifer Peacock’s excellent story “A Freeholder By Any Other Name…” in the April 28 edition.

I completely agree with Freeholder John Bartlett’s reaction to the effort to change the name of our county governing body from Freeholder to Commissioner.

First, there is no offense in the name itself that I see, and second, and more importantly, the name commissioner is known to the public as an unelected political appointee who sits on a commission whose very need may be questionable and collects a stipend to get benefits. This unnecessary effort to change the name to commissioner, in my opinion, elevates appointed commissioners and diminishes the elected freeholders.

As one of the two last Democratic Freeholders in Ocean County, I can say that our three years were civil and productive. I am proud to have been a Freeholder in Ocean County.


Paul C. Brush
Toms River
Former Freeholder



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