Kaepernick’s Kneel Is A Love Of Country

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In protest of police brutality and racism, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem. It was an act of genuine patriotism, a genuine love of country.

Too many people make the mistake of equating patriotism with nationalism. The genuine patriot measures the rules of government against the will (The Golden Rule) of the Creator. Where there is agreement, the rules or norms are followed. Where there is disagreement, the will of the Creator is followed.

On the other hand, the nationalist places all authority in the hands of the political state. “My country, right or wrong,” is the shout of the nationalist. The ultimate fallacy of this position was exposed at the Nuremberg trials when the German guard was asked, “Why did you kill all those people in the concentration camps ?” And the nationalist answer came back, “I was simply following orders.”


Ray Kalainikas



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