It’s Our Choice To Eschew Violence

The Golden Rule. (File photo)
The Golden Rule. (File photo)

“Change or you will perish!” The reality of that admonition arrived full force with the dropping of the first atom bomb. If we do not eliminate violence in the human condition, the human condition on this planet is headed for extinction.

The good news is that we can eliminate violence in the human condition. The solution to eliminating violence is found in The Golden Rule (Treat every human being as you would want to be treated) and its motivation (The law of equal return in the context of many lifetimes in the human condition). People understand The Golden Rule, but the motivation for it is kept hidden by those who want to rule over their fellow human beings.

The simple solution for overcoming this obstacle is for every household on the planet to boldly display the three words The Golden Rule somewhere on the front of their property or house. With growing numbers of people doing this the motivation to live The Golden Rule will be exposed to all and violence will come to be regarded as a form of insanity.

Ray Kalainikas

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