Hope For Safer Gun Laws

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Tragically, it is an irrefutable fact that America has a growing gun violence problem. Despite the unending string of school shootings, Congress refuses to take bold action. Rather, our elected officials choose to merely mourn the victims and rearrange the deck chairs.

It surely does not take a team of scientists to determine that several root causes of this grave problem are the proliferation of guns and mental illness. It is also quite evident that Congress’s inaction is directly related to the influence of the well-financed gun lobby.

Without a doubt, common sense laws will help keep weapons out of the hands of criminal and other irresponsible persons. For starters, Congress should enact a comprehensive background check law with no exceptions for gun shows or third party sales. Additionally, Congress should ban bump stocks and launch a thorough CDC study of gun violence.

Fortunately, our state currently has fairly robust gun laws in place. However, there is always room for improvement. Encourage your state senator to pass the measures currently being discussed in Trenton. For a safer New Jersey, let’s strive to have the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

Luke Stango


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