Help Support A Historic Treasure

Opening day at Allaire’s historic village was bustling with shops and exhibits open, as well as lantern tours that evening. (Photo courtesy Village of Allaire)

Dear Friends of The Historic Village at Allaire,

Since 1957 our non-profit organization has endeavored to recreate 19th century history of the life and times of James P. Allaire, together with a touch of early 20th century history of journalist Arthur Brisbane. Mr. Brisbane and his estate were the eventual benefactors of the lands of what is now ‘The Historic Village at Allaire’ situate within Allaire State Park and Mr. Brisbane’s descendant family members still ardently support the Village.

The Village is not funded by the state so each year we must keep the Village alive by your generous memberships, by your attendance at our flea markets, craft shows, chapel concerts, events, festivals and demonstrations; support of fundraisers like the Raffle Quilt or the annual Stocking Stuffer. We offer a host of opportunities to the community.

Would you like to join as a member of the Auxiliary and help at numerous events? Does your high school student need community service as a schooling requirement or your college student want an internship in the Village? Do you have an interest in history and enjoy dressing the part of someone in the 1830s? We have orientations to learn the history of the Village to become tour guides of our historic buildings. Our various guilds need volunteers to help tend the gardens; or perhaps your interests lie in music, New Jersey militia, old time baseball, or hearth cooking. We have many places in the Village to speak to your creative side.

If time does not allow you to be on site you may still be part of the family of Allaire Village through a membership. Yearly memberships are a major source of funding that allows the Village to run properly and help to finance our activities such as needed coal for the blacksmith, materials for the tinsmith and carpenter, as well as a host of other operating expenses. There are various levels of membership that will fit anyone’s budget and offer you wonderful opportunities and lifelong memories.

Please visit our website ( or call the staff office at 732-919-3500 to inquire and learn about the benefits of membership and volunteering. Thank you for your support.

Linda Cafone,
AVI Membership Chair,
Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees of AVI,
President of Allaire Village Auxiliary


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