Gun Violence: Enough is Enough

Presidents have been assassinated, members of Congress have been shot and scores of innocent school children have been murdered in their classrooms. Regrettably, our elected officials inside the Beltway are highly unlikely to pass meaningful and comprehensive legislation to address the growing gun violence epidemic in our country. At the present time, when compared to other developed countries, America is at the top in the following measures: number of guns per 1,000,000 persons, number of mass shootings and firearm death rate.

Clearly, gun violence is a very complex problem and there are no quick fixes. However, zero doubt a series of very strict laws focused on the sale of weapons (especially semi-automatic weapons) and removal of weapons from individuals who pose a significant risk to themselves and others would be a sound start. We the people can drive the required change. The New Jersey Assembly is considering seven bills (A-1016, A-1181, A-1217, A-2757, A-2758, A-2759 and A-2761) to help protect our families. As always, the devil is in the details. Hopefully, these measures as written do not have any loop holes or exclusions ( eg are applicable to all guns sales including licensed dealers, gun shows, internet sales, third party sales, etc.).

It’s is up to all of us to become part of the solution by demanding our elected state officials in the Assembly and Senate, as well as our governor, swiftly pass robust legislation to help end the continuing bloodshed in our country, state, county, town and most importantly our schools.

Luke D. Stango



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