Good Samaritans Exist – Right Here In Lakehurst

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The other day I had a fall outside the Lakehurst post office. Going to my car, I inadvertently tripped on a small stone while stepping off the curb. Falling is a scary thing for anyone but especially for an 84-year-old woman who always needs help to get up. For a moment, as I lay sprawled on the street, I just prayed I would not be run over by an inattentive driver!

Then I realized that there were several people surrounding me and asking me if I had “any pain,” “could I move,” “did I need any help to stand?” I even heard someone say they had already called 911!

I was startled. Pleased, but surprised! Where had all these people come from? One man apologized after a minute or two because he had to go to an appointment, but spoke with others around me to make sure that I would not be left alone. A clerk from the post office also remained with the group. Another gentleman went to his car to get a roll of paper towels so that I would not have my head on the cold ground. Everyone wanted to help me stand. I could not allow anyone to help me up because I have a shoulder replacement and I need to have a special technique to stand with assistance.

About four minutes after my fall a police officer, Jason Guide, arrived. I explained the problem with getting erect. He maneuvered people to various positions, then bent down behind me, and in a twinkling of an eye, the kind “strangers” and the officer had me back up on my feet. I kept apologizing for all the trouble, but everyone told me they were glad to help.

I just want to thank all those persons who made an embarrassing event a very happy and appreciative moment for me to be truly thankful.

With sincere thanks and appreciation…

Dolores Corte Lornega


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