Go Forth And Multiply

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This is in response to the featured letter in the Manchester Times on Feb. 3, 2018, about blaming the popes and church for over-population in the world. The Bible tells us about Abraham, the father of all religions. Abraham was promised that his descendants would number more than “the sands on the shore.” If God is comfortable with a multitude of peoples, then we have no right to obstruct His covenant, even today.

Statistics tell us that women have 2.8 children. The fraction is for women who cannot have children. Look around at your own family. What female has more than 2 or 3 children; it is only a very small percentage. The author accuses the church of advocating irresponsible parenthood and contributing to poverty. Statistics also tell us that when people are freed from poverty, the birthrate drops significantly. The author’s accusations are preposterous.

Marie Pellicano


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