Getting Political Money Out Of School Boards

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Something happened on election day that has never happened before in Lacey Township. (At least to the best of my knowledge.)

Two candidates won the School Board election without spending a penny.

In 2014, opposing candidates spent over $23,000 to beat me. Why, I wondered, is this volunteer office worth spending money for? It isn’t- that is if you keep the politics out of education.

Well, in Lacey, I think that has finally been accomplished. The two winners spent nothing. Backed by ZERO dollars. All the signs meant nothing. The voters are paying attention! And I thank you all!

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve my community in this special capacity once again.

Next year, three seats are up. Please consider being a candidate. If you live in Lacey, speak, read and write English, are over age 18 and a registered voter, you are eligible.

Regina Discenza

Candidate-Elect, Lacey Board of Education

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