Freeholder Parts Ways With Republican Party

Freeholder John Curley (Photo courtesy Monmouth County)

After my commitment to the Republican Party, I find that the direction of the party in Monmouth County is one I can no longer follow. I filed a petition to run for re-election as your Monmouth County Freeholder as an Independent. I didn’t leave the County Republican Party, the County Republican Party left me.

To qualify for the November ballot, the law requires that I have 100 signatures on my petition. I filed my petitions with more than 450 signatures. The Monmouth County Republican boss Shaun Golden was so upset with my decision to run as an Independent that he filed a formal challenge to my petition with the Monmouth County Clerk. This County Clerk, by the way, is also the Monmouth County Republican Vice Chair. Imagine that! Can you say conflict of interest?

Now here is the funny part: Republican Party boss Golden was so incompetent that he challenged less than 200 of the 450-plus signature on my petitions. So, even if Golden won all his challenges, I would still have 250 valid signatures on my petition when only 100 are required by law. In the end, the Clerk only dismissed 133 signatures so I easily qualified to be on the ballot in November as an Independent.

I thank each and every person who signed up to support me and I look forward to meeting many more residents of Monmouth County as I campaign to be the first Independent elected to the Monmouth County Board Of Chosen Freeholders.

I ask all Monmouth County Residents to join me in “Fighting Corruption Together.”

Freeholder John P. Curley

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