Electoral College Protects The Little People

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Liberals bemoan our electoral college as not being fair and undermines their belief of one person – one vote, ahh, true democracy. In doing so they reveal their ignorance of the genius of the electoral college. The college is just one example of the beauty of a republic versus a democracy, as it protects and gives voice to smaller states with less population.

Without it, presidential candidates would focus on and pander to population centers and ignore the rest of us, dots on the map lording over the remaining land mass. People in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City could care less about issues across middle America.

A republic (a word near and dear to my heart) specifically protects minorities and individual sovereignty, yet all we hear from pundits, politicians, and on the news, including Fox News, are the words our democracy as if it is the same. Either by accident, ignorance or design, it sickens me how our leaders and high profile people continue to use this misnomer. The founders all knew the difference as evidenced by their distaste for the failings of democracies in their writings. That is why you will not find the word democracy in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, or in any of the 50 states’ constitutions, and that my fellow citizens is not accident.

James M. Spickard
Little Egg Harbor

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