Election Referendum Questions

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Regarding Bert Topping’s October 14 letter on the election referendum questions, he was spot on for question one about the library bond issue, but I feel he and others should reconsider what seems to be a no brainer on question two. Consider that since most environment cleanup sites have already been cleaned then what would happen to the additional funds from future recovery funds be used for? Well a slush fund for left wing environmental groups to start. Then they would surely use funds to drum up even more charges for even more recovery funds against unsuspecting victims who just happen to own property that a previous owner may have polluted. Additionally, insider environmental cleanup hack companies could charge these same hapless victims outrageous clean up charges with little or no recourse. It has happened before.

I do not trust New Jersey politicians or bureaucrats with any more powers and they could surely due with much less. No more borrowing, vote no on both questions.

James M. Spickard
Little Egg Harbor


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