The Election Agenda Major Media Will Not Talk About

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Crucial to the well-being of people in the November 2017 election are four points of understanding that the candidates and the major media will not talk about.

The first understanding gives the solution to virtually eliminating violence in the human condition: The Golden Rule/The Law Of Equal Return (Treat every human being as you would want to be treated/because what good and harm you measure to any human being will be measured back to you by the Creator over all your lifetimes within the human condition).

The second understanding eliminates taxation by making it clear that it is a form of legal (government approved) thievery that should be replaced with co-operativism (voluntary co-operation) based on The Law Of Equal Return (payment for services rendered and accepted). Human beings are the creation and property of the Creator, and not of the political state. When the political state takes money out of your pocket against your will, thievery occurs. Co-operativism allows the citizen to give labor, goods, or money in exchange for a government service voluntarily agreed upon. In co-operation with each other, the citizens themselves carry out the task of government service, without paying others through the use of tax dollars to do the work for them.

The third understanding eliminates capitalism in the private sector by once again employing co-operativism based on The Law Of Equal Return. And it is health care for every human being where this understanding is most needed. And two doctors in Kansas are leading the charge by leaving out insurance companies and the government in giving primary to their patients, charging adults only 50 dollars per month and children only 10 dollars per month without deductibles. Whether it is health care or getting a pair of shoes, the answer is co-operativism based on The Law Of Equal Return.

The fourth point of understanding is that clarification of land use rights and zoning, and not taxation and bonding, must be used to save open space and farmland along with securing people’s right to land. Five acres for open space and farmland and one acre for the homestead or business and industry comprises the 6-acre tract that all people are entitled to live on for their health and well-being.

In the upcoming election, keep these four points of understanding in mind.

Ray Kalainikas


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