Do These Agencies Talk To Each Other?

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On November 5, 2018, an internet news media published a story on the dredging in the channel by Green Cove Marina in the upper end of the Metedeconk River, both branches of the Beaver Dam Creek, channels for Winter Yacht Basin, Sailor’s Quay, Kettle Creek Channel and the Bay Head Cut Channel. The project plans to move 189,000 cubic yards of dredge spoils to a natural hole off Bayside Park in Normandy Beach just across from the old Thunderbird. They also plan to cap it with sand which must be purchased. Should we not be asking why the cap if there is nothing wrong with the dredge spoils?

Having worked the bay for many years I am in favor of channel maintenance. However, to remove dredge spoils from point A, transport them to Point B, which is a naturally accruing hole in the bay where fish spawn and grow is just ludicrous! This project is doing nothing to make or enhance the depth and increase the life in the bay. Where are all the groups who are supposedly protecting Barnegat Bay? How can the DEP authorize this operation never mind being the sponsor of this project?

Added to this, the Army Corps of Engineers’ concern on what they are going to use to fill in the holes/trenches on the sea floor that they have dug for the dune replenishment project. How about this idea – use these dredge spoils? Yes, it will mean taking the spoils through the canal and out into the ocean. Yes, it is a longer run to the holes off Lavallette but it doesn’t affect the bay’s life. Wow, no cost for the fill! No major increase for the transportation because the Army Corps and state can share that cost. I have seen the hopper barge, and I have ran the channels to the dump site and hope the barge can make it down the channels all the way to Normandy Beach.

The environmentalists need to speak up now for the project is starting as you read this!

Capt. Robert M. Silva

Toms River

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