Dinosaur And Its Artist Have History Together

The storefront here has been home to the dinosaur for decades, although the head has fallen off in recent years. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

After two years of waiting in the wings for approvals and permits it looks as though the green light has been given to me to start restoring the Bayville Dinosaur. I will start at the end of June and hope for a grand unveiling in early September. My sponsor, PPG Paints, has graciously come aboard with some fascinating new products that consist of an “environmentally green base.” Along with today’s standards, we are definitely on the same page in keeping the environment as safe as possible.

I lived across the street from the Dinosaur when I was in my single digits. While attending St Joseph’s in Toms River my bus stop was right across the street. My Dad would take me and my siblings Joel and Dona, to visit the dinosaur constantly. My youngest brother Jay was just born so his visitation rights didn’t kick in until later on in life. It fascinated us when we were young. It seemed bigger than life! When my grandfather was running for mayor of Bayville we would give out matches with his face on the cover. Folks at the IGA and Bayville Laundromat were big fans of his. After we gave out all the matches, as a treat, we headed over to visit the Dinosaur. As you can see…this “stone age statue” is no stranger to me. I can even remember when his eyes and mouth lit up with color. Sure, it was a simpler time – but the memories I have of this great monument must be one of thousands shared by others that once came to visit the coolest dinosaur in the world.

Getting the chance to restore the friendly beast has been a dream for many years. For anyone that has grown up “Bayville” I know you have watched the dinosaur go through many changes, many colors and many decapitations. I hope this new change suits all of you and takes you back to your own memories of a far younger and simpler Bayville… when the innocence of simply visiting a man-made dinosaur was more than enough to put a smile on your face. Thanks for having me.


Shannon MacDonald
Artist Chosen To Restore The Roar To The Bayville Dinosaur



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