Concealed Carry A State Decision

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Representative Tom MacArthur is a co-sponsor of HR38 which is an effort by the Federal Government to make concealed carry of guns legal in all fifty states.  I write in opposition to this bill because as a citizen of New Jersey I feel that this should be a states right issue to decide.

We are a small, demographically overpopulated corridor state. If a person wishes to carry a gun into New Jersey they can apply and be granted a document giving them this right by the State of New Jersey. If people who own guns are unaware that our state requires this document it is incumbent upon them to make themselves aware of the laws pertaining to the state.

If it is inconvenient for a gun owner to avail themselves of this document, I am sorry, but many laws are inconvenient but are recognized as a health and safety measure for residents. The second amendment guarantees the ability to own guns, and at the same time specifies that all other rights are that are not articulated must be left to the states. What other states’ rules are do not and should not usurp our right to make conditions and terms that protect our citizens.

Doris R. Beckmann
Ocean Gate




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