Climate Change Articles Needed

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I’m writing to urge this publication to provide meaningful coverage of climate change during the upcoming Congressional election in NJ District 2. This election is important because voters will choose a successor to our long-time Congressman Frank LoBiondo, who has chosen not to run.

Climate change is already impacting South Jersey. As a state, we have poured more than $1 billion and 120 million cubic yards of sand into beach replenishment projects alone. According to NOAA, high tides in Atlantic City reach more than a foot higher than they did last century. At least 80,000 people and $47 billion of property value in South Jersey are at increased flood risk due to climate change. Warmer temperatures also fuel more powerful storms, and unpredictable weather patterns threaten South Jersey agriculture and fisheries.

Looking ahead, the impact to South Jersey will be even greater, as ocean levels are predicted to rise by another 3-6 feet by 2100.

There ARE bipartisan solutions to the climate crisis. But we need our elected officials to act now, both to avoid worse climate problems and to make sure South Jersey has a role in the new clean energy economy.

We need news organizations like The Southern Ocean Times and to help cover this important issue, so voters can make informed choices during the upcoming primary and general elections in District 2. Please ask all candidates if they will join Congress’ Climate Solutions Caucus, and support taking comprehensive action on climate change, including solutions such as a carbon-fee-and-dividend approach.

Bill Harclerode
Co-Chair, CCL South Jersey Chapter
Little Egg Harbor



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