Why Can’t We Have Fox News At Jackson’s Planet Fitness?

The new marketing strategy for the Planet Fitness Franchise is “Live Free,” which is prominently displayed on their shirts that are given to new members who join the clubs. But apparently not in Jackson.

Ocean County has been a predominantly Republic stronghold for many years, yet Jackson Planet Fitness will not display Fox News on their TVs. We noticed other Planet Fitness gyms provided Fox News, so we were pretty surprised when our request to have Fox News at our local Planet Fitness in Jackson was denied. I’m personally tired of watching CNN while working out.

We found the managers excuse that the Planet Fitness home office set the stations completely inaccurate. After checking, the home office stated the local franchisee made that decision. In fact we surveyed seven other local Planet Fitness locations in our area and all of them carry Fox News on their TVs.

So what happened to our right of choice?

Raymond Cattonar
Jackson, NJ


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