Be Wary Of North Korea

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While not a fan of President Trump I give him credit for opening the door to a more peaceful relationship with North Korea. Perhaps dictators respond best when confronted by strength. However, many in both political parties are concerned too much was given with little in return: the end of war games with ally South Korea, possible withdrawal of our troops (with the sudden excuse of being too costly), as well as immediately declaring North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat despite having not eliminated a single nuclear weapon.

Of equal concern is how murderers such as Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are treated so benignly while longtime allies are insulted and humiliated. We all hope this time North Korea will not repeat its history of broken pledges to denuclearize thus requiring we continue to maintain our security advantage.

Past history with tyrants has not always resulted in peace but, if anything, greater danger and threats. Neville Chamberlin returned from talks with Hitler declaring “peace in our time.” While talking of peace with imperial Japan, Pearl Harbor was bombed. The allies ceded East Germany to Stalin and for decades we experienced a cold war often dangerously close to a hot one. Nixon was cheered for opening the door to Communist China only to see that nation grow so powerful it has become an economic and diplomatic challenge to America. Clinton had Arafat and Rabin shake hands but the promise of Mideast peace was followed by the birth of terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Our joyful overthrow of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, replaced by a moderate but weak government, lead to the rise of Islamic Fundamentalists who attacked us on 9/11 and continue as a threat. The recent pact with Iran is denounced by President Trump as the worst ever as it secretly continues to develop its nuclear potential. Not only must we remember that if we fail to learn from history we are doomed to repeat it but President Kennedy warned that “Those who foolishly sought power, by riding the back of the tiger, ended up inside.”


Seymour Brotman



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