Bay Avenue Intersections Too Crowded

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

I am happy to see that left turn lanes will be installed near the Target and the Michael’s shopping areas. I would like officials to look at 2 other intersections which could use properly timed left turn signals.

First is the intersection of Bay Avenue and Vaughn Avenue.

There is a left turn onto Vaughn arrow for the people driving west on Bay Avenue while oncoming traffic is still stopped. For people driving east on Bay wanting to make a left onto Vaughn, there is a left turn arrow but it corresponds to the green light for oncoming traffic. So drivers have to wait until the oncoming traffic stops before they can make their left. I think the left turn arrows in both directions should allow for turns at the same time.

Second is the intersection of Bay Avenue and Cedar Grove Road.

If traveling west on Bay Avenue, drivers are able to make a left turn, based on a left turn signal, onto Cedar Grove before oncoming traffic starts. For travelers traveling east on Bay, there is no left turn arrow for drivers wanting to make a left onto Cedar Grove. They have to wait until all the oncoming traffic stops in order to make the left.

These 2 issues create bottlenecks and I can’t understand why they weren’t done properly to start with.

Walter Kretiv
Toms River


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