An Apology To Younger Generations

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This is a blanket letter addressed to generations X, Y, and Z for the transgressions of a wayward generation that wasted too much of its time being wasted, or in self-indulgence. The culmination of years of progressivism and government excess induced me to self-educate as to its roots; and so, I offer the following sincerest apologies.

First and foremost I apologize to those who were aborted, denying their first basic right, the right to be born.

I apologize for allowing the government to reduce the word of God in your life; for an education cartel that seems focused on the dark clouds in our history as well as an unhealthy infringement into social and family issues; for an electronic technology that appears to be stealing your brainpower, limiting your social skills, and affecting your attention spans and work ethic; for a burgeoning debt, not only nationally but on state, county and local levels that are unsustainable; for the globalist greed that has used robotics to eliminate jobs and trade deals that have shipped manufacturing jobs overseas; for the entitlements that have stolen the dignity of millions of people; for not making you proud and grateful to be Americans; for giving too much help with your school work, helicopter parenting, and participation trophies resulting in diminished problem solving skills and delayed transition to adulthood; and lastly, for being a pawn of establishment politics, the root cause of the aforementioned.

I’ll never apologize for America or her history, where God’s hand has been ever present. Look to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the solution! They enumerate your basic rights given unto you by god, not by the government spawned from him.

James M. Spickard
Little Egg Harbor


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