Annual Hope Sheds Light HOPE Walk Very Important

HOPE Sheds Light founders Stephen Willis, Arvo Prima and Ron Rosetto at the 2016 Celebration of HOPE Walk, an annual event held in Seaside Heights to promote awareness and provide support for those affected by addiction. (Photo courtesy HOPE Sheds Light)

Dear Letter to the Editor,

In the fall, I joined with the thousands of people on the Seaside Heights boardwalk at the annual Hope Sheds Light HOPE Walk.

As an local elected official, I was proud to be a part of the event, and to stand with all who came to join the fight against opioid addiction. I was also very proud to see my congressman, Tom MacArthur, at the HOPE Walk and committed to continuing his work in Congress to make sure resources are available to combat the drug devastation facing our communities.

As co-chair of the Bipartisan Heroin Task Force, Congressman MacArthur has been a leader in combating the opioid epidemic. Most recently, he led the charge of passing a $4 billion bipartisan spending bill that will help provide the resources we need to help treat those struggling with addiction and assist law enforcement in their efforts to keep illegal drugs and guns off our streets.

Congressman MacArthur is constantly meeting with local law enforcement, elected officials, treatment providers, and those in recovery. He understands that the solution to this crisis will only be achieved through government at all levels working together to confront it. Tom does a great job focusing on the issues that are important to Ocean County and I am proud to be represented by a true leader who is a tireless advocate for our region.

Peter Curatolo
Lacey Township Committeeman



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