Abolishing Basketball Hoops In Jackson Is A Mistake

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The Jackson Township Council is proposing an ordinance that would prohibit one from having a basketball hoop in front of his house and those in violation would be subject to a fine of $2,000 or possible imprisonment.

While there may be a need to update laws to fit with the current form of government, it is a mistake to abolish the ability of having basketball hoops. This will hurt Jackson residents including our children.

As one resident explained by the last Council meeting, “Playing ball and other outdoor activities is a healthy and wonderful outlet for our youth.”

In a time where drugs and obesity are so prevalent, this action would be wrong and tragic. Taking away a primary source of recreation is dangerous. I am quite sure no one wants such responsibility.

I urge our Town Council to reconsider this new ordinance that would be so harmful to our community.

Moshe Heiman


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