Will You Keep That Mutt Quiet?!

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Dear Joel,

After more than a year, my wife and I, along with our dog enjoyed an extended stay at our 55+ Florida apartment. During a chance encounter in the elevator, my upstairs neighbor informed me that as infrequent as it is, when Max barks, it disturbs her. I immediately apologized, but given our part-time residency status, and Max’s rare visits, shouldn’t our neighbor be more ‘neighborly’?

Since your neighbor acknowledged that Max rarely barks, it does seem ‘unneighborly’ to mention or complain about it. Typically, your apartment is empty, so my guess is the increased noise is more noticeable and unfamiliar. If Max can be there, continues to be well- behaved, and no one else complains, I say you have nothing to apologize for. Maybe once your neighbor gets used to Max, she won’t be so ‘ruff’ on him.

Thanks for writing.

Joel Markel

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