Wife Won’t Stop Buying Me Clothes!

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Dear Joel,

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but my wife buys me things she thinks I might need or want. Why does she do this? I’m a grown man. I would like to decide if I want something and then buy it myself. It would be different if I ask her to shop for something in particular but I really don’t like her buying me things she thinks I could use. How can I get her to stop?


I get it. Many women think their husbands would wander around naked and unfed if left on their own and many men actually don’t mind taking the easy way out. On one hand, she is a thoughtful person, on the other hand she’s denying you the right to pick out the things you want. She clearly likes to take care of people, so how about you contact a charitable organization or church to find an individual or a family in need and have her collect items for them. You could keep a treasure chest of goodies, and just keep the ones you like or need for yourself.

Joel Markel

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