Wife Speaks For Me

Dear Joel,

I’m happy to share that I don’t have an opinion….or at least that’s what my wife thinks. When someone asks if I like steak, she answers medium-rare. When they ask if I like baseball, she says Mets. Whether its little conversations or big decisions, I don’t have to worry what I think, my wife answers for me. Sometimes I would like to make a choice myself.


As men, we often give up making many of the decisions about running a household, but your situation seems to have gone off the rails. Women are nurturers; they like it when everyone is happy and everything is in its place. You have to find your voice again. Go on a date night and tell her you will pick the movie, the restaurant and the menu selection, and if she butts in, she will pay for the whole evening. Pick up a dozen donuts and say I got these three for me and you can have the rest. Maybe when she starts seeing that you are capable, she’ll back off a little. If that doesn’t work, try answering some of the questions she gets asked. Hopefully, she’ll get the hint.

Joel Markel

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