Wife Has No Time For Me

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Dear Joel,

My wife is really driven in her career. She’s in real estate and is quite successful. I would love it if she’d slow down a little and take time to enjoy our lives together too. I know her work hours are all over the place but life shouldn’t be all about work, should it? What can I do to show her the slower side of life and encourage her to smell the roses?


Summer is a great time to show her all the ways people enjoy themselves. Ask her to show you some of her properties, but tell her you’ll do the driving. Then, take the scenic routes pointing out things like boats on the water, the beach, the parks, etc. Stop for lunch at a waterfront spot, all the while reminding her how nice it is to spend time together. Then ask her for some of her time. Successful, driven people often need to be reminded of how they spend their time. You might also suggest a screen-free day. It’s a new growing trend in schools where families spend a day with no phones or tablets. Be direct. Tell her that her success is important but so is her personal life.

Joel Markel

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