Why Do Some People Overshare?

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Dear Joel,

I have a client who wanted to show me a photo on her iPhone. She couldn’t find it, but she treated me to about 1,000 other pictures while she searched. With each one I heard, “that’s my friend from bridge,” or “that was taken at a party,” or “here’s my neighbor wearing her new blouse” and so on. Do people really think it’s interesting to look at pictures of complete strangers? Why can’t they just say “sorry, I can’t find what I was looking for.” How can I escape this situation when it happens?

TMI in Tuckerton

Dear TMI,

That one took me back to many long nights I spent at friends’ homes as they clicked their way through tray after tray of vacation slides. A few times I even dozed off, so I know how hard it is to stay focused, especially when you don’t know any of the people or places. Nowadays I also think it is funny how many pictures people post on social media, many of which are repetitive or even compromising. It’s tough, but try to remember that the things she’s sharing are important to her, and that by sharing them with you, she is saying you’re important too. She is inviting you into her world. You might suggest she create photo albums, so that she can easily reference the shots she wants to share. You might thank her for trying so hard and offer her a coffee or a treat so that you can step away from the picture show.

Joel Markel

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