Time For A Pet

Dear Joel,

My wife and I have decided it’s time for our children to get a pet. We anticipated that this would be a happy day but our two girls can’t agree on what kind of pet to get. One wants a dog and the other insists it be a cat; a black cat to be specific. What do you suggest we do?


Many people know I own a huge Irish Wolfhound, but either choice is great. Pets teach kids great lessons about responsibility and companionship. If you adopt from a shelter, they can often recommend a dog who gets along with cats and visa versa – if you decide to get one of each. The bottom line is that they’re still kids, which means you’ll probably have to decide what you would prefer to do…walk a dog or clean a litter box. Whatever you choose, I’m sure your new pet(s) will become a cherished part of the family.

Joel Markel

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