Thanks, For Nothing!

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Dear Joel,

Recently, a client gave me a several small figurines as a gift. They were chipped and missing some paint. I graciously said “thank you” while trying to hide my displeasure, but why would someone give anyone such an awful gift? Wouldn’t it be better not to give a gift at all?

Gift Challenged in Brick

Dear Challenged,

Wow, that must have been a hard thank you for you to say. The worst part is you can’t even re-gift them. Did the figurines have some significance? Did they fit into something you collected or were they special to her? Perhaps antiques? If they weren’t, and it sounds like they weren’t, then you are right to be displeased. A gift should celebrate the recipient. I’ll admit some people are much better at choosing gifts. My wife has great taste and always finds a wonderful item. I stick closer to the traditional, often sending flowers to wish someone well, but cleaning out the closet is no way to show respect. You could just put them in the trash and try not to take it as a snub, or you might just want to return them to her, saying they just don’t fit your décor and maybe someone else might appreciate them more. As we move closer to the holiday season, I would suggest our readers take a little more time than this person to choose a gift, or take the easy path and put a little cash in an envelope. That gift is always appreciated.

Joel Markel

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