Summer Tourists Should Treat The Shore Like Home

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Dear Joel,

I would just like to weigh in on summer visitors to the shore. I live near the beach and I love it. Every year, the locals complain about crowded restaurants, traffic, noise and bad behavior. I appreciate their visits and the business they bring to our area’s merchants who depend on them, but I admit, I’ve thought some pretty unkind things too. I wish people would realize that this area is our home. Maybe if you said something, they would act like guests in our home instead of invaders. Your thoughts?

Kelly, Point Pleasant Beach

Dear Kelly,

I agree. Summer tourists are an essential part of the economy, and their visits always mean more traffic and fewer parking spaces and tables in restaurants. They can’t help that. That being said, visitors should remember that people do live here. Hopefully now that TV shows like Jersey Shore are off the air people will remember their manners. There are plenty of places to go if you want to make some noise – like the amusement parks, racetrack and nightclubs, but blasting radios at the beach, talking loudly in the streets after 11 p.m., leaving trash around or being rude to service people just because you’ll never see them again is unacceptable. The shore people look forward to your visits and get ready to welcome you. Please treat the shore as a place you want to visit, not a place you want to get away from. Happy summer to all.

Joel Markel

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