Quality Time

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Dear Joel,

People seem so disconnected these days. Everyone is on their ‘device’ everywhere you look. I see people at the beach or the garden, not enjoying nature, but texting. I see it in my own family. Is the art of conversation a thing of the past? What can you suggest I do to get my family re-connected?


It is sad to think about how much time people spend staring at a device instead of wonderful people and beautiful things in plain sight. There is some good news though; it seems there is a trend among teens to ‘go quiet’ at least for a few hours. A friend of mine placed a basket at the front door and everyone has to drop their phone in the basket before visiting. Another person told me the house rule is no phones at meal time. Here’s something else to try, for two weeks have everyone keep a journal of what they accomplished in a daily two-hour no device block. They will all be amazed at the results. Staying connected is important just remember that also means staying connected to the people right in front of you.

Joel Markel

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