Peaceful Lunch

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Dear Joel,

My buddy and I decided to go to lunch at our favorite serve yourself buffet. Kathy, a coworker invited herself along. Once we got a plate she started right in, “We’ll sit at that table, the napkins are over there, you don’t need any salt, it’s not good for you.” All this before I even had my first bite. Can you think of something snappy I could say to put her in her place?

Her behavior is certainly unsavory. I would remind her that you picked a buffet for lunch because you and your buddy like to make choices. Tell her lunch is your downtime; a peaceful hour in the day when you don’t have to do anything but pick what you want and enjoy it. You might be polite and thank her for her concern, but remind her that you are an adult. Adults know that cookies for dinner are bad, but having them for dinner is a perk of being a grown-up. Tell her that being stressed out over lunch is just as bad as adding salt, then tell her you didn’t order “being bossed around” as a side dish.

Joel Markel

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