Overachiever Parent?

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Dear Joel,

I’d sure like to know why some parents go on and on about their kids. Most of us with our own families mention things worth mentioning, but some people feel they have to cite every detail of their child winning a game of hopscotch or running a playground race. You’d think they won the Olympic Gold! I’m sure others have found themselves in these conversations. Do you pretend to be interested or let your eyes glaze over?


Early on, my wife and I decided to share only the most interesting or important details of ours kids’ lives with the people we knew casually. It’s better for a parent to be excited about a child than to not care at all, but some people do go on and go on. Don’t try topping them with your own stories; that never works. Try saying things like, “You are very lucky, now tell me about your new job”, or “that’s wonderful, but we only have another few minutes together, so let me ask…” Just hold your breath. Fortunately, it’s usually just a phase.

Joel Markel

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