New Dog At My Neighbor’s House

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Dear Joel,

  I’ve lived next to my neighbor for 30 years. We really get along but he recently retired and got a beagle. He’s been looking forward to getting this dog for years, but every time the dog goes outside, he barks constantly. Last fall he dug up a patch in my flower garden. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs but what can be done to restore our peaceful neighborhood?!


  Oh those barking dogs. They’re cute and cuddly, but the noise can wear on your nerves. It took my wife and me about two months of obedience training to get our dog to behave. Try to identify why the dog is barking. Maybe it would be good to talk to your neighbor about converting part of his backyard into an exciting dog friendly environment. I have a friend who installed a run, a pool, and digging patch for the dog, which he loaded with surprises. The dog is so preoccupied with activity, he plays for hours and he’s tired enough to sleep through the night. You might also contribute a few toys, as mixing up playthings is very effective. Be patient, good neighbors are a blessing.

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