My Son The Motorcycle Rider

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Dear Joel,

How can I talk my son out of getting a motorcycle? He’s 25, well-educated and responsible, but he has always admired motorcycles and always said he was going to get one. I always hoped he’d change his mind, but he’s been saving up and seems more determined than ever. I think they’re dangerous and impractical, and I just can’t support him. What can I do?

Fearful in Forked River

Dear Fearful,

As parents we worry, and anyone who tells you it stops at a certain age is lying. You will always worry about your children, especially when they are pursuing a hobby that has risks. Motorcycles are all the things you think, but they are also a favorite recreation by lots of people worldwide. Remember, automobiles have lots of risks too. He’s an adult and he should be able do what he wants, but he should also know that buying a motorcycle is going to make you anxious. I think you have to hold your ground. If he does buy the bike, you must insist that he completes courses in safety, handling and repair, and also buys the best helmet on the market. Tell him exactly how you feel, that you will live in dread of getting a phone call with bad news. That may not stop him, but it may cause him to use extra caution every time he rides.

Joel Markel

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