My Husband Is Addicted To Football

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Dear Joel,

My husband and I had a really great summer. We took a nice vacation at the beach and made the most out of every weekend but now that the summer sun is fading away, I have to face a lonely life. See my wonderful husband is an extreme football fan. Once September arrives it’s nothing but JETS, JETS, JETS. I don’t like football, what can I do?

I know you don’t like football, but you do like your husband so why not let him have his time in front of the TV. I know it cuts into your weekend time, but that can be a plus. Football season is a great time to try out new recipes, catch up some of your favorite shows, slip out for some holiday shopping, clean out the garage, and lots more activities, like crafts. Why not make a scrap book of your wonderful summer together? He gave you lots of his time and focus in the summer. Let him take some time for himself and you may just find a great gift in your stocking.

Joel Markel

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