Losing A Pet Is Hard To Cope With

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Dear Joel,

  We recently lost our 10-year-old golden retriever to cancer, and our kids, ages 7 and 9 are devastated. My husband thinks we should go the SPCA and adopt another dog, and I disagree. I am concerned that it sends the wrong message, that when we lose someone or something we love, we can just replace them with another. Do you have any suggestions on how we should proceed?


  Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the heartbreak of losing them. It can be especially hard on young children who don’t fully grasp the concept of death. In this situation, I think adopting a new dog would teach them a valuable lesson. By adopting a dog from the SPCA, you are saving two lives, the life of the dog you bring home and the one who is saved from the street. And isn’t that a wonderful way to honor the pet you’ve lost.

  Thank you for writing.

  Joel Markel

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