Life: A New Normal

Dear Joel,

  Now that things are beginning to open -up in NJ I would like for my wife and I to start venturing out to restaurants, socialize with friends, and go retail shopping. My wife on the other hand is still extremely concerned about leaving the house and being around other people. I respect her feelings but at the same time my cabin fever is almost unbearable. I have socialized with a few of my guy friends which caused such anxiety for my wife, that it’s almost not worth doing. I am beginning to worry that she will never leave our house for anything more than the essentials. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can help her to begin the ‘re-entry’ process into life outside our four walls?


  With the mixed messages we’ve received from the media, and the continuing rise in cases around the country, your wife’s fears are understandable. However, we need to accept the fact that COVID-19 is something we may have to live with for quite some time. Remind her that with the proper protection and practices, such as avoiding large crowds and closed spaces, we can still enjoy life. Businesses of all types recognize that customers are anxious and have made the necessary accommodations. Try small trips to quiet places, dining outside at off-peak hours, even a drive-in movie. Perhaps a short visit to a friend’s backyard will help her regain the confidence to get back out there. Above all, have patience, this is a different experience for everyone.

Thank you for writing.

Joel Markel

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