My Kids Won’t Share

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Dear Joel,

My wife and I are the proud parents of two little boys ages 5 and 6. We try to provide everything they need and want. We even throw in some extras whenever we can, but they won’t share anything. My wife and I have their futures and our own to plan. It’s such a waste to buy two of everything, when that money could be invested in our futures or even spent on a fun family outing. Is this just a phase? Btw, you only need to answer once, my wife and I will share.

Double Trouble, Toms River

Dear Trouble,

Sounds like you and your wife a practical, fun-loving, generous parents and I’m sure the examples you’re setting will have a very positive impact on your boys. Many children, especially ones so close in age, go through a phase like this. Often, they are each trying to prove that you like them each equally. They may also be demonstrating their early character development. Watch how they behave. Is one responsible with his toys while the other breaks or loses them? Is one a bully at playtime? Does one think everything they have or do is better? I would incorporate activities like art where they each create a unique item. Also, play family time games where they work together. You can use this phase to show them how much fun sharing is, and then have them share their outgrown toys with others. I think your family will be just fine.

Joel Markel

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