I’ll Keep My Mask On, Mind Your Business

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  Dear Joel,

  The mask mandates are being lifted and I couldn’t be happier. In the places where wearing a mask is my choice, I have been approached by several mask wearing people who have been pretty aggressive. They keep asking me why I’m not wearing one and trying to make me feel bad about my decision to go mask-free. Is it right for them to ask me such personal questions?


  People are returning to normal at their own pace. I agree it’s pretty nervy for a complete stranger to lecture you, so tell them politely but firmly that you are obeying the current restrictions while still exercising your own decision. It’s ok for them to be concerned, but it’s not ok for them to tell you what you should be doing. Thank them and remind them that they have made their choice, now you should be allowed to make yours.

  Thanks for writing.

  Joel Markel

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