How Do I Shake Off The Blues?

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Dear Joel,

Every now and then I get “The Blues.” Nothing bad has happened and I’m still the same person today that I was yesterday – but sometimes I just feel blue. What can you suggest I do when I’m down about nothing?

Feeling Blue in Lakewood

Dear Blue,

That question has been pondered by the great minds throughout the ages. There are lots of suggestions, but you really hold the key to finding your happiness. Some people keep lists of the things they’re grateful for. Some people drown their sorrows with sad movies and songs, followed by a good cry, while others use exercise or physical activity like housework, and some turn to comedy. The thing you don’t want to do is indulge in destructive behavior, and turn to drinking, overspending or binging on anything. You’ll only regret it later. Getting the blues is a perfectly normal thing. Some people, like writers and artists, even welcome them, because they bring up a whole different set of feelings. One good way to beat the blues is to have a routine in your life, so that no matter what mood you’re in, you still walk the dog, spend a set time in prayer, housework, etc. Tackling these routinely scheduled tasks can both lift your spirits and remind you that tomorrow is another day. Now, if the blues linger you may want to seek professional help. But for most of us, they are just like storms that pass quickly to bring a beautiful tomorrow.

Joel Markel

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