Holidays At My House

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Dear Joel,

Every Memorial Day weekend our families get together for a weekend bash. My sister Julie is always the host, but this year I want to do it. Two years ago my husband and I bought a lovely lake house. I want the family to enjoy a big cook out, games, music and even some fireworks at the lake. How can I persuade everyone to come to my house and try something new without setting off the fireworks early?


First of all, what a great tradition! So many families never make time for each other. She seems like she really likes being a host, but does she know you really want to open your home to the family? Has she been to your home? Ask again and if she resists, invite as many people as you can for a non-holiday gathering and let them see how much fun a new setting can be. Post the pictures and videos of all the fun. Maybe you can start a new tradition, a family get together on a random weekend in the summer. That way you’ll have even more good times together.

Joel Markel

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